So the Constitutional Court has decided: no to the PN request. This way, the PN will get 4 instead of 2 extra seats. And Justyne will be able to retain the seat … for which she was not elected!
Mela Labour u PN kulhadd kuntent!
Naturally, AD will not get the seat and a half …. for which we were elected.
Tajba din: real representative democracy!


Just a short message to thank you all for your continuous support, interest and friendship.
You were simply wonderful: 5500 first count votes, which became about 6500 on the last count.
Grazzi minn qalbna, and may we all continue working for the common good of our country and people.

Political meetings with hunters


Laqgha 01.03.13 Joe Mizzi fir-Rialto Bormla fis-7:00 pm
Laqgha 03.03.13 Charles Mangion Garden of Eden Zurrieq 10:00 am
Laqgha 04.03.13 Franco Mercieca City Pearl Ghawdex 8:00 pm
Laqgha 05.03.13 Charles Mangion Gondolier it-triq tal-Gudja 7:00 pm


Il-Labour jitmellhu b' Konrad Mizzi!

The Labour Party have released a video to take the mickey out of, to parody, to ridicule and to caricature those Maltese citizens who make use of the English language in their daily speech. The video is to be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWZVqFU9XoM
This is an insult to a good number of Maltese citizens.
It seems quite obvious that the Labour party is here ridiculing its own candidate Konrad Mizzi, who cannot put two Maltese words together ….without sticking in another six English words in between!

Cassola: Distretti/ Districts 1 AND 9

18.40 (ca.) TVHEMM Michael Briguglio
20.30  (ca) Debate Broadcasting Authority Arnold Cassola
22.00 +  Close-Up   Arnold Cassola


2000 votes

2000 votes for a historic change

Be part of the Green Wave!

We are doing well and our ratings are getting stronger every week. We stand a real chance to elect AD into parliament. If we do, Malta’s political landscape will change, for the better, forever.

We need your help. No, not your money! We are asking you to support us publicly, with friends, with family, with collegues, on face-book, in emails. Let’s show that yes, it is possible that there are people who want to move away from the tribalism that has taken over this country, yes, it is possible that there are people who think with their own mind, and yes, you are not alone!

3000 euro guarantee

3000 euro guarantee

Out on bail with a 3000 euro guarantee. This is the result of the charges in the multi million oil swindle. The former Chamber of Commerce president has to report twice a week at Sliema police station.
Grappa, coffee and petit fours will be offered by the police.